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In the edition of they sold around a novelty this year will be the incorporation of the best croquette category elaborated with Aragon’s Food. It joins the traditional, innovative and suitable categories. He adds that they can become attractive for inner tourism.

He has made it reconciling the need to increase food production with the restoration of soil, water and air. They are 20 million euros for the granting of soft loans of zero interest The Government of Aragon takes care of interest. The request period ends on July 24. Org, Oliete.

The Spanish Association of Agronutrient Manufacturers has almost also observed the incidence of Xanthomonas in some plots. It is an initiative of Agromillora Group and shows the agricultural revolution that has meant the olive grove in superintendent cultivation. This technique is presented saying that 25 years have changed 3. Asafre recalls that these tasks are essential to avoid flooding problems when they are produced.

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This ham can be purchased at the Alcampo centers. It is a day open to how many people are interested, and must be enrolled through FEV or CaixaBank Facebook profiles. The phytosanitary network of Aragon refers to the continuous storms that have occurred in this territory. They are complex conditions to complete the vegetative cycle of winter cereals.

This year is favorable and therefore the behavior of barley and wheats will be exceptionally good. The phytosanitary network of Aragon makes a review of the situation in which the extensive crops of this territory are located. It is an area that is located nearby 1. This year there are good cultivation expectations. Spain’s food talks about culture, vanguard and art in our agri-food productions, fruit of good know-how. The LIFE Soria Forestapt program will be developed in this province for four years, with an investment of 1.5 million euros.

The Ministry of Agriculture indicates that the total volume of purchase has exceeded 3 million tons in April, with an increase in the consumption of percent flours and semolina.

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It can also be a case of abuse or rape in which the

women consult belatedly because of how difficult it is to reveal these situations or because of fear, shame or some other reason. For this reason, all health system establishments should consider the possibility of referring the person to a referral center that has the capacity to safely carry out later interruptions.

Special considerations for the health team Caring for pregnant women who may request interruption implies for the health teams the responsibility of offering quality care, which guarantees respect for their rights. However, caring for people in this situation tends to bring into play tensions and conflicts that involve the entire health team both personally and institutionally. This can negatively influence access to care, the quality of care, and the current and future health of women. Reflection and discussion in the team can help to detect and analyze these tensions and conflicts. This can allow the creation of a space where procedures and mechanisms can be agreed upon to guarantee the full exercise of the rights of both users and health professionals. This practice also facilitates that perceptions, practices and attitudes of the members of the health team can be rethought in the care of people who are in the situation described. The main challenge lies in building a bond with women in an environment of physical and emotional support, of respect for the particular situation of each one and the decision they make, and that guarantees confidentiality. Some tools to advance on this path are: • Bear in mind that, regardless of whether or not the choice to interrupt or continue the pregnancy can be shared, it is important to consider that the context in which women must make their decisions is complex and many times these can involve contradictions and suffering. An open listening that respects the feelings and the decisions you make, improves the bond and allows better care. • Consider that the intervention of the health team can be a key moment in the life of each woman. An unprejudiced, patient and respectful attitude is decisive for the person to be able to make the decision that she considers most appropriate for her life and to adopt health care practices for her.

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Ideally, the woman should go home with a chosen contraceptive method.

2.5. Complications management Although they are rare, complications can occur during or after an ILE procedure. For this reason, it is important that the services that carry out this practice, at all levels of the health system, are equipped and have trained personnel to recognize possible complications early, in order to provide rapid attention and / or refer to the woman in a timely manner. Some possible situations are: Incomplete abortion. In MVA procedures performed by a trained professional, an incomplete abortion is rare, which is more common when the medical procedure is used. The signs and symptoms that indicate it are vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain; it can also include signs of infection. Treatment will depend mainly on the time elapsed since the interruption, the gestational age and the clinical situation of the woman. Failed interrupt. Failed abortion can occur in women who have undergone both instrumental and medical procedures.

Protocol for the comprehensive care of people with the right to legal interruption of pregnancy 46

minty. In both cases, if the post-procedure control confirms that the pregnancy continues, termination will require vacuum aspiration or dilation and evacuation. Hemorrhage. Bleeding may be the result of retention of the product of conception, trauma or damage to the cervix, or, occasionally, a uterine perforation. Depending on the cause, appropriate treatment may include a new uterine evacuation procedure and the administration of medications that increase uterine tone to stop bleeding, intravenous fluid replacement and, in severe cases, blood transfusions, laparoscopy, or laparotomy. exploratory. Given the low incidence of bleeding with the vacuum aspiration procedure, the use of routine oxytocics is not recommended, although they may be necessary in dilation and evacuation practice. Prolonged menstrual-type bleeding is common with medical abortion, although it is usually not heavy enough to constitute an emergency. However, every health service should have the capacity, if necessary, to stabilize and treat or refer a bleeding woman as quickly as possible. Infection. If the procedure was done properly, infections are rare.

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The results suggest that gender quotas without sanction are not e …

In 1914 the first and so far only translation of Celestina into Catalan was published. Its author is Antoni Bulbena Tusell (1854–1946), a prolific bibliographer, grammarian and translator. Bulbena transfers more than fifty works to Catalan: Castilian, especially by Cervantes, French, Italian, English, Russian, etc. The article analyzes in depth …

ABD Yönetimi 14 Aralık günü, Türkiye’nin Rusya Federasyonu’ndan S-400 savunma hava sistemi alımından dolayı Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı (SSB) ile bu kurumun başkanı Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir dahil beş yöneticisine yönelik, “ABD’nin Hasımlarıyla Yaptırımlar Yoluyla Mücadele Yasası ”(Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act – CAATSA) kapsam …

Blockchain technology, thanks to its innate characteristics that are transparency, decentralization, traceability, among others, in recent years is being widely used in various sectors, including the agricultural sector. In addition, in the world you can find various solutions focused on education, finance, transportation …

Regarding person nouns that end in the suffix -nte, those with alternation -nte / -nta stand out, but which, in turn, are common in terms of gender, such as, for example, president / president next to the president, so that the ending -nte / -nta alternates for the feminine (the president / la preside …

p> La Alta Guajira, department of La Guajira in Colombia, forms a geographical space with semi-desert features characterized by periods of prolonged droughts, exacerbated in the current context of global warming and climate change. In this situation, the native resident communities are affected by the difficulty in accessing water …

The digital age in which we live, forces human beings to virtualize their style and way of being, reflected in prejudices and commercial interests that urge to imitate stereotypes of people classified as famous. Web 3.0 allows the immersion of social networks, creating space for platforms for entertainment and interaction purposes. Inquire …

Dans are free Dette: 5,000 ans d’histoire, the anthropologist David Graeber develops an analysis of the statut of the dette which is limited neither to a simple economic rapport des economistes libéraux nor to the primordial dette des anti-libéraux. La dette is a fundamental social rapport, an engagement qui peut être inqualifiable et irremboursable.

School is the most relevant setting for building relationships between immigrant adolescents and members of host societies. Daily intergroup contact at school plays a key role in the formation of attitudes, in terms of prejudice and acculturation preferences that students develop.

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Description sent by the project team. Time after school is critical to the overall development of children and youth. In vulnerable areas, large numbers of children are left without adult supervision when they are not in school, posing a risk to their health, safety and integrity. In these areas, the lack of safe spaces for recreation, violence, vices and insecurity impede healthy development and lead to the deterioration of the social fabric. This brings with it a series of serious consequences for the community, perpetuating the negative cycles that generate inequality.

The Boys and Girls Club is a project focused on providing children and young people, between 6 and 18 years old, at risk, a healthy and safe space that encourages creativity, innovation and physical and intellectual development. It is a space that provides training, artistic and recreational extracurricular activities that generate positive values ​​and community integration.

In order to carry out this project, a location was carefully sought within a crime prevention polygon contemplated by the Undersecretariat of the Interior, likewise, a thorough investigation was necessary to understand the area, its problems and more severe limitations. The focus of this research focuses on the failed relationship between the growth of the city and the well-being of the community, the massive urbanization of the areas of scarce resources of the city, lacking public space and that consequently do not have the necessary conditions. to generate the healthy development of the community, particularly of children and young people.

One of the most relevant challenges was the interaction with the community: it was essential to gain the trust of the neighbors. During the construction process, we were active in the community offering various activities to the inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhoods, to introduce them to the mission and programs of the Club. Another challenge for the execution of the project was the search for the donation in kind of the construction materials, the probono collaboration of specialists and contractors, as well as the support of public and private institutions.

The project was divided into three buildings, corresponding to diverse and very defined needs: Building A is the educational one, which houses classrooms and music, art, computer, kitchen and library rooms. This building is developed in a single-level volume, which has two contiguous central courtyards that are understood as one. The patio allows natural ventilation and lighting without the need for windows on the facades, pursuing the following specific objectives: safeguarding the integrity of children by allowing supervision of what happens in each classroom without the need to make long journeys, protecting equipping the classrooms against possible vandalism and theft and avoiding the distraction of children during class time.

Building B is the arts building, a two-level building that houses more open and playful spaces. Here is the room for dance classes and the room for martial arts, as well as a large multipurpose space. The building also has a semi-open auditorium to perform music recitals, dance and all kinds of lectures, this connects seamlessly with the main staircase that leads to the central esplanade. The building is complemented by an exclusive space for teenagers, where young people can relax in a safe environment. In this place, trainings and talks are given to inform young people about the risk of drug use and other addictions, as well as sexual education issues, among others.

Building C is the sports building, which contains a large covered space where all kinds of activities and sports can be carried out. The building takes advantage of the north orientation to provide natural light through the serrated roof.

The three buildings are connected by a covered corridor that functions as a guiding axis and as an element of spatial organization. This element is the backbone of architecture, made up of 24 arched vertebrae. The Archway is an ingenious geometric game of apparent concrete arches. Each of the 24 modules represents one of the human vertebrae, understanding education and comprehensive training as the backbone of building a better future.

The project is completed with various sports and recreational areas: basketball and soccer courts, squares, parks and gardens, as well as wide esplanades and stairways that sculpt the natural topography of the land and that lead to contiguous, open and program-free spaces.

The building is a reality thanks to the generosity of various companies and people who have contributed to this noble cause.

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4. Apply the paracervical block at time points 3, 5, 7 and 9 on the junction of the vaginal and cervical mucosa, under the cervical mucosa, not on the exocervix (Figure 3). • Insert the needle to a depth of 2.5 to 3.8 mm (do not exceed this depth as it involves risks of bladder injury or hollow viscus). • Aspirate to verify that you are not injecting into a blood vessel. • Administer 1 ml to rule out an allergic reaction. If not, complete the application slowly. • Slowly inject 2 to 5 ml of 1% lidocaine. • Wait 5 minutes, until the anesthetic takes effect. An example of a pain management plan includes the placement of a paracervical block, the administration of oral pain relievers 30

2.2.4 Evacuation procedure with vacuum aspiration The MVA technique is detailed below. Although most of the detailed concepts correspond to the two modalities of vacuum aspiration (electric or manual), emphasis is placed on the manual technique since it is currently available in most of the centers in the country. Depending on gestational age, vacuum aspiration abortion takes between 3 and 10 minutes and can be performed on an outpatient basis, using pain relievers and / or local anesthesia. 1. Prepare the instruments. Provide a sterile auxiliary table with 1 ring clamp, 1 speculum, 1 cervical clamp (Pozzi), 1 bowl with antiseptic, 1 fanny pack, 1 complete set of Hegar plugs, gauze pads, the MVA aspirator (see “Preparation and operation of the manual aspirator ”, page 49) and semi-rigid cannulas (open only the cannula to be used, according to the uterine height) (Figure 4). Before using the vacuum cleaner, make sure it maintains a vacuum; for

Protocol for the comprehensive care of people with the right to legal interruption of pregnancy 42

this, load the vacuum cleaner, wait a few minutes and then release the buttons to release the vacuum. The sound of air entering the aspirator is an indication that a vacuum has been created. If this does not happen, check that the aspirator is properly assembled, inspect the “O” ring for defects or foreign bodies and if it is well lubricated, and make sure that the cylinder is firmly seated in the valve. If the “O” ring is not well lubricated, xylocaine in jelly or water-based gel can be used as used for ultrasound (never use petroleum jelly or other petroleum derivatives).

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This Protocol is intended to guarantee the dignity and rights of every person with the biological capacity to gestate and, therefore, a potential subject of the right to abort when their life or health are in danger, or they are carrying out a pregnancy as a result of rape, regardless of whether or not you have an intellectual or mental disability.

In order to carry out an ILE, a police or judicial report of violation is never required.

Women with a pregnancy resulting from rape need particularly sensitive treatment, and it is important that all levels of the health system are able to offer them appropriate care and support, as well as considering timely referral, if necessary. or

For more information, see the “Protocol for the comprehensive care of victims of rape. Instructions for health teams ”(PNSSyPR, 2015).

Likewise, as mentioned above, this Protocol is guided by the principle of autonomy of the people and, in accordance with it, the attention to the situations of ILEs necessarily implies the informed consent of the user. This is a process that runs through all care and is framed in Law 26,529, on the Rights of the Patient in its Relationship with Health Professionals and Institutions. In the cases of ILEs, the result of the informed consent process is the document by which, after receiving the pertinent information, the person declares to have made an autonomous decision, free from influences and pressures of any kind, and fully knowing possibilities and risks, interrupting the pregnancy in progress (see model in the Annex, page 68). Before requesting your signature, so that the person you are consulting can access the decision-making process, the team of professionals must provide you with the necessary information. The professional must consider the possibility of the woman asking questions and cross-examining the issues that generate doubts or fears, in order to make an autonomous, conscious and informed decision.

Protocol for the comprehensive care of people with the right to legal interruption of pregnancy 16

Regarding informed consent, there are two groups of people who represent special situations: girls and adolescents, and people with intellectual or mental disabilities.

4.1. Girls and adolescents Children and adolescents constitute a vulnerable group given the existing tradition of a paternalistic and tutelary system that tends to supply the will and desire of these people because they consider them not capable of deciding on themselves with autonomy and responsibility. Likewise, it is a group particularly vulnerable to situations of sexual abuse and rape. For this reason, it is very important, during the care processes, to create an environment of empathy in which girls and adolescents can express their needs, fears and shame without being judged or silenced.

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• Provide recommendations on the resumption of sexual activity, indicating the convenience of waiting until the vaginal bleeding completely stops to restart them. • Report on the possibility of getting pregnant again a few days after treatment and providing information on contraception (see “post-interruption of pregnancy interruption”, page 58). After having performed the counseling in contraception, guarantee the delivery of the method in case you have selected one.

• As far as possible, give information written and with graphic support. The process of attention to a person does not culminate with the ILE procedure; In many cases, it may require psychological or social accompaniment, information about its future fertility, its health status or other interventions. Follow-up interviews are an opportunity for the health team to address these issues and / or make the relevant derivations.

• Report on signs and symptoms that may present and require immediate attention: excessive bleeding (more abundant than that of normal menstruation) or persistent (more than two weeks); persistent colic and / or increasing intensity, which do not give with common analgesics; pain before pressure on abdomen or abdominal distension; dizziness or fainting; nausea or vomiting; fever and / or chills; flow of bad smell or purulent; Other situations that generate concern. Explain what to do and where to seek urgent medical attention in these cases. • Offer the woman the opportunity to ask questions and get more support if she needs it. Make the derivations that are considered appropriate (Social Service, Mental Health, Attention to Women Victims of Violence).

Protocol for integral attention from people entitled to legal interruption of pregnancy 48

Preparation and operation of the Manual Endouterian vacuum cleaner The AME device consists of a manual vacuum cleaner and aspiration cannula. The manual vacuum cleaner has a valve with a pair of buttons that open it and close it, which allows control of the vacuum; a lid and a removable coating; a plunger with handle and a ring-o; A cylinder of 60 cc where the content of the endouterin evacuation is deposited, with a clip that holds the safety ring (Figures 8 and 9).

The cannulas are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 mm in diameter. The smallest (from 4 to 8 mm) have two openings in opposite situation and the largest (from 9, 10 and 12 mm) have a single largest opening. The printed points in each cannula are used to indicate the position of the main opening. The first point is 6 cm from the tip of the cannula and those that follow are spaced at 1 cm (Figure 9) intervals.

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Accessible and safe because, even when legal as decriminalized, there should be no medical-bureaucratic or judicial obstacles to access the aforementioned benefit that put the health or life of the person claiming it at risk ”(CSJN, 2012: Considering 25) .

The woman’s decision is unquestionable and should not be subjected by health professionals to value judgments derived from their personal or religious considerations.

2.1. Guiding principles The implementation of ILEs must be guided fundamentally by the principle of autonomy. All attitudes and practices of health professionals must be aimed at ensuring that, based on the truthful, adequate and complete information provided, the woman can make the best possible decision for her. For this reason, it is the duty of health professionals to provide the necessary information so that she can understand the process that she is going through and ask all the questions that she deems necessary.

Protocol for the comprehensive care of people with the right to legal interruption of pregnancy 13

lization of this practice upon the issuance of a judicial authorization and it is this procedure that has hindered the implementation of cases of non-punishable abortions legislated in our country since the 1920s ”(CSJN, 2012: recital 18). Confidentiality. It is the woman’s right that any person who participates in the preparation or handling of clinical documentation keeps due reserve. As in any medical practice, nothing that happened in the consultation should be communicated to other people (such as members of the health team, family or judicial or police officials). The Clinical History (HC) and all the information contained in it are the exclusive property of the woman and the disclosure of it constitutes a violation of her right to privacy and professional secrecy. If it is considered necessary to share the information with third parties – including husband, partner, father, mother – it must be done with the express authorization of the woman, freely and clearly granted. Privacy. Services where ILE procedures are carried out must respect the privacy of women throughout the process. This includes, at least, the adaptation of the spaces where they are practiced. Likewise, the privacy of the information requested from the woman and all that is consigned in the HC must be guaranteed, the training of all the institution’s employees so that they are aware of their obligations to respect the privacy of women and information. In relation to the interruption of pregnancy, the exclusive participation of the members of the health team necessary for the practice.