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It can also be a case of abuse or rape in which the

women consult belatedly because of how difficult it is to reveal these situations or because of fear, shame or some other reason. For this reason, all health system establishments should consider the possibility of referring the person to a referral center that has the capacity to safely carry out later interruptions.

Special considerations for the health team Caring for pregnant women who may request interruption implies for the health teams the responsibility of offering quality care, which guarantees respect for their rights. However, caring for people in this situation tends to bring into play tensions and conflicts that involve the entire health team both personally and institutionally. This can negatively influence access to care, the quality of care, and the current and future health of women. Reflection and discussion in the team can help to detect and analyze these tensions and conflicts. This can allow the creation of a space where procedures and mechanisms can be agreed upon to guarantee the full exercise of the rights of both users and health professionals. This practice also facilitates that perceptions, practices and attitudes of the members of the health team can be rethought in the care of people who are in the situation described. The main challenge lies in building a bond with women in an environment of physical and emotional support, of respect for the particular situation of each one and the decision they make, and that guarantees confidentiality. Some tools to advance on this path are: • Bear in mind that, regardless of whether or not the choice to interrupt or continue the pregnancy can be shared, it is important to consider that the context in which women must make their decisions is complex and many times these can involve contradictions and suffering. An open listening that respects the feelings and the decisions you make, improves the bond and allows better care. • Consider that the intervention of the health team can be a key moment in the life of each woman. An unprejudiced, patient and respectful attitude is decisive for the person to be able to make the decision that she considers most appropriate for her life and to adopt health care practices for her.

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