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In the edition of they sold around a novelty this year will be the incorporation of the best croquette category elaborated with Aragon’s Food. It joins the traditional, innovative and suitable categories. He adds that they can become attractive for inner tourism.

He has made it reconciling the need to increase food production with the restoration of soil, water and air. They are 20 million euros for the granting of soft loans of zero interest The Government of Aragon takes care of interest. The request period ends on July 24. Org, Oliete.

The Spanish Association of Agronutrient Manufacturers has almost also observed the incidence of Xanthomonas in some plots. It is an initiative of Agromillora Group and shows the agricultural revolution that has meant the olive grove in superintendent cultivation. This technique is presented saying that 25 years have changed 3. Asafre recalls that these tasks are essential to avoid flooding problems when they are produced.

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This ham can be purchased at the Alcampo centers. It is a day open to how many people are interested, and must be enrolled through FEV or CaixaBank Facebook profiles. The phytosanitary network of Aragon refers to the continuous storms that have occurred in this territory. They are complex conditions to complete the vegetative cycle of winter cereals.

This year is favorable and therefore the behavior of barley and wheats will be exceptionally good. The phytosanitary network of Aragon makes a review of the situation in which the extensive crops of this territory are located. It is an area that is located nearby 1. This year there are good cultivation expectations. Spain’s food talks about culture, vanguard and art in our agri-food productions, fruit of good know-how. The LIFE Soria Forestapt program will be developed in this province for four years, with an investment of 1.5 million euros.

The Ministry of Agriculture indicates that the total volume of purchase has exceeded 3 million tons in April, with an increase in the consumption of percent flours and semolina.

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