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Accessible and safe because, even when legal as decriminalized, there should be no medical-bureaucratic or judicial obstacles to access the aforementioned benefit that put the health or life of the person claiming it at risk ”(CSJN, 2012: Considering 25) .

The woman’s decision is unquestionable and should not be subjected by health professionals to value judgments derived from their personal or religious considerations.

2.1. Guiding principles The implementation of ILEs must be guided fundamentally by the principle of autonomy. All attitudes and practices of health professionals must be aimed at ensuring that, based on the truthful, adequate and complete information provided, the woman can make the best possible decision for her. For this reason, it is the duty of health professionals to provide the necessary information so that she can understand the process that she is going through and ask all the questions that she deems necessary.

Protocol for the comprehensive care of people with the right to legal interruption of pregnancy 13

lization of this practice upon the issuance of a judicial authorization and it is this procedure that has hindered the implementation of cases of non-punishable abortions legislated in our country since the 1920s ”(CSJN, 2012: recital 18). Confidentiality. It is the woman’s right that any person who participates in the preparation or handling of clinical documentation keeps due reserve. As in any medical practice, nothing that happened in the consultation should be communicated to other people (such as members of the health team, family or judicial or police officials). The Clinical History (HC) and all the information contained in it are the exclusive property of the woman and the disclosure of it constitutes a violation of her right to privacy and professional secrecy. If it is considered necessary to share the information with third parties – including husband, partner, father, mother – it must be done with the express authorization of the woman, freely and clearly granted. Privacy. Services where ILE procedures are carried out must respect the privacy of women throughout the process. This includes, at least, the adaptation of the spaces where they are practiced. Likewise, the privacy of the information requested from the woman and all that is consigned in the HC must be guaranteed, the training of all the institution’s employees so that they are aware of their obligations to respect the privacy of women and information. In relation to the interruption of pregnancy, the exclusive participation of the members of the health team necessary for the practice.

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