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The Information Retrieval Strategies are the set of procedures that favor the search for information in memory and the generation of response; that is, they refer to the set of strategies that serve to manipulate or optimize the cognitive processes of recovery or memory, through search systems and / or generation of …

ABSTRACT: Architecture is an experiential, experimental and collective expression process that is governed by different languages ​​of patterns characteristic of certain physical, social, economic and cultural contexts. These patterns are generated and repeated through the collective imagination and recognizing them in a specific territory serves the project …

Ekonomi ve finans teorilerine göre sürdürülebilir ekonomik büyümenin sağlanmasındaki ana etkenler; eğitimli ve yetenekli nüfus, teknolojik yenilikler, sermaye birikimi, istikrarı sağlayan makroekonomik yapı ve verimli işleyen bir hukuk sistemidir. 24 Ocak Kararları (24 Ocak 1980) ile başlayan dönemdeki Turgut Özal (ANAP), Tansu Çiller, Mesut Yılmaz …

Mobile instant messaging has changed our communication habits, becoming not only the main communication channel through electronic devices, but also a new channel through which to find out about politics and with which to interact with political information content. Therefore, the main objectives of …

The mistrals are faits of a diversely colored sulfurized papier sachet (rubies, bleu outremer, emeraude or safran) and a chalumeau of rigid fixé à son ouverture. Dans le sachet trouve un poudre de sucre parfumée that l’on aspire through the regulation. A mistral coûte dix francs, who is relative to the finances …

This article examines the social construction of financial services organizations in two very different social contexts such as Chile and the United Kingdom, observing how economic agents act within social, institutional and cultural structures and, based on in-depth interviews in Santiago de Chile, London and Edinburgh …

The objective of this article is to evaluate the changes produced by the regulatory reforms in the Mexican natural gas market between 2009 and 2018. For this purpose, various unit tests and structural breaks are carried out on the series of volumes and prices of natural gas that they describe. its behavior in the national and international markets …

It is commonly accepted that it is simple to do so in the proximity of the building, not in addition to nature, to consider action, and potential consequences for the environment. One of the main consequences is related to the tendency to (co-) represent the actions of the building that are characterized by the fact that they discriminate between the representations referred to.

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5. Complementary studies In most cases, professionals only need the information obtained through the anamnesis and physical examination to confirm the pregnancy and estimate its duration (WHO, 2012). However, in each case in particular and based on the data obtained in the HC and the physical examination, the need to request additional tests will be evaluated. Bear in mind that this cannot be a requirement or the impossibility of executing them an obstacle to the completion of the interruption.

5.2. Ultrasound Although ultrasound is not considered a routine study to perform an ILE, if it is available it can help define gestational age, rule out an ectopic pregnancy and diagnose other pathologies or the infeasibility of the pregnancy. It is recommended to rule out the presence of an ectopic pregnancy using ultrasound, especially in women with a history of tubal surgery, the presence of an IUD, an ectopic pregnancy or a suspicious physical examination (IPAS 2013). In the case of ultrasound, the woman should be asked if she wants to see her image or hear the heartbeat. If she does not want it, it is extremely important to take the necessary precautions so that this does not happen. At the same time, if possible, facilitate different areas where those women who seek an interruption from those who receive prenatal care can be evaluated separately.

Protocol for the comprehensive care of people with the right to legal interruption of pregnancy 30

• Antibiotic prophylaxis and pain management. • Uterine evacuation therapeutic options: misoprostol and vacuum aspiration. • Indications for discharge.

As mentioned, the therapeutic options to perform an ILE depend on the gestational age, the desire of the woman and the possibilities of the healthcare center. It is essential to carry out adequate prior counseling in which the different possibilities are explained, so that the person can make their decision based on complete information. As these are generally low-complexity procedures, care for women who require an ILE can be performed at the first level of care and on an outpatient basis. However, it is necessary to provide comprehensive care for ILEs at all levels of the health system to care for women who present eventual complications, are in more advanced stages of pregnancy or when there is a health commitment and it is convenient to carry out the procedure under strict medical supervision.

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Includes minipill, desogestrel, depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA), and implant. Its use can be started immediately, even if there is infection or trauma, after procedures performed in the

The use of the method is generally not recommended, unless other more suitable methods are not available or accepted or there are serious difficulties in adherence.

Protocol for the comprehensive care of people with the right to legal interruption of pregnancy 61

first or second trimester of pregnancy. Its use can be started the same day the uterine evacuation is performed, the next day or after the confirmation of the complete uterine evacuation. In the case of implantation, if adequate counseling or decision-making cannot be guaranteed, it is recommended to defer placement and provide a temporary contraceptive method in the meantime. Emergency hormonal contraception. Giving emergency birth control pills ahead of time could help prevent future unwanted pregnancies. It is recommended to offer this type of treatment at the time of discharge. Condoms There are no restrictions for its use and it can be simultaneous to the beginning of post-interruption sexual intercourse. It is the only method that protects against HIV and other STIs.

Diaphragms and cervical caps. They can be used immediately in cases of abortions occurring in the first trimester. In the cases of the second trimester, it is advisable to wait approximately six weeks, until the neck returns to its normal size. Spermicides. They can be used immediately and simultaneously with the restart of sexual intercourse. Surgical contraception. This category includes tubal ligation and vasectomy. In cases of abortions produced in the first trimester of pregnancy, tubal ligation is similar to an interval procedure, and in the second trimester, to a postpartum procedure. It can be done immediately after stopping treatment, except in cases of severe infection or blood loss; in that case it is necessary to

Protocol for the comprehensive care of people with the right to legal interruption of pregnancy 62

Eligibility criteria for the use of contraceptive methods in post-abortion. Combined oral contraceptive

Continue practice until the infection is completely cured or the injury is healed. Be aware of the importance of providing appropriate counseling and obtaining informed consent, which is often not possible at the time of urgent care. Also inform about the possibility of vasectomy, in cases where there is a partner.

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Qaz Trke etc. Kayn Soy. Qad Old Trke adu ay Alt. Kazaka, Tatar moon Trke ay, eg. Old Trke cat – wear Trke wear- Bottom.

Tatar etc. The word Trke, which is used in the form of badruk in Uyghur, has now taken the form of flag in Divan Lgat-it – Trk. However, there are also some examples in the Trk languages ​​that show that – d – evolved into – y – in older languages. Yzylda was identified by Menandros Protektor in the form of Daikh. This name is from Trke bow – kkden. Although the word Trke yay – is used in Uyghur language, in accordance with the main rule determined above, in the old Trk Scriptures yay – so citas qis quotes in Búsque.

On the other hand, the word Trke ky – to cut, doramak is determined in Uyghur – y – and ky – in old Turkish scripts – d – with kd In addition to these examples, we can count Uygur adn citas qis quotations. As Gyula Búsqueda stated, this name is Trke ud – kmtr from the word to obey. However, according to the available data, the name Uygur was written as Uygur from the beginning.

However, it should have been used as Udgur in the past. It is for this reason that V. Thomsen did not admit that this name came from the oud. However, some predictions can be made in this respect, keeping in mind the quotes that ship from the old to Hungarian. The words that had entered Hungarian from the old word remained the same as in the Mother UK. Trke kudu well – Mac. Accordingly, it should be admitted that the change in the uvaa – d – r – begins and ends after these words Búsqueda de citas qis quotalar.

However, this incident, which is bewildered in two words, needs to be justified. However, in uvaada some words use the – y – v- sound instead of – r – gze harpar: uv. Kuyan ceiling, Lepus timidus uv. The command of these words is derived from the Trk languages, Tatar. We have stated above that some sounds such as – d – in the main Trk are used in island Trk languages ​​- Búsqueda de citas qis quotes, – t- – z- – y – and – r -. There are some words that do not follow this main rule in Turkish languages.

As this word is used in the Mool language in the kada form, it can be judged that the kada form exists in the main Turkish language. However, only rock and rock forms were determined in old and new Turkic languages. Likewise, Trke bod paint, the word color in Uighur, Búsqueda is also used in the form of citas qis quotes. Whereas, Divan Lgat-it – Trkdaki bodu – painting and Mo.

This word should have been used in the form of bod in Uyghur, as opposed to the words of Buddha dye tankl. On the other hand, it is also against the rule to paint the orca pole.

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In both cases it is about ensuring custody and permanence of those as students enter the school or who as viewers are accommodated in front of the TV.

Much of what we learn daily comes from television. If we take notion of the things we see in only one hour of television we will realize that we are exposed to too much information.

Unfortunately, the most recurrent spectators are children. They are those who tend to imitate what they see in it and adopt those models as their own and it is in the time they are allowed to watch television (before 10 pm) there is no adequate protection and control. We can see, for example, scenes of violence and sex at 15 hours.

On the other hand, people can look at programs that show them what happens elsewhere in the world or to educate themselves on a certain topic. On the other, a large part of the spectators has stopped doing their activities by watching television, a great example is the reading of newspapers that has expired and are the programs of shows, novels and sex that increase giving birth to trash tv So call for its low content on cultural and educational issues. It has changed on a large scale its educational and informative mission, leaning towards the Soez, vulgar, fictional, amoral and promiscuous entertainment.

The circus that shows on its screen is reinforced with the affirmation that it is part of the reality that we live daily. If today’s television represents the drama of everyday life we ​​are able to affirm that we are in a cultural decline.

The serious thing about this situation resides, in fact, that not only corporate, political and commercial interests argue television in their privileged position of ineffective mass educator but also holding it the people, without differences.

There is another fairly dangerous factor today on television; The idea that each one can issue and express a certain opinion on any issue that according to the menu of daily news. Transmit an own vision, without the need for seriousness and knowledge.

In most cases there is a constant exchange of opinions and discussions between people who have cultural training to do so (for example, journalists) and those who think only to be able to be in the media and meet the objectives that is They propose.

While it is difficult to define what is the actual impact that the media on our television had, we can analyze it in relation to its repercussion at the audience.

The time and the context in which they arise occur in the years? 90. This influences its impact because we must remember that it was the menemist decade. It was sought to occupy the minds of the viewers with shawl and inexpensive content that led them to get distracted and not to think to evade what was really happening. In spite of this, they were attractive by the way they were made. The audience used them as a form of distraction and relaxation after the daily routine.

The characters that appear in these programs have such attractiveness that viewers are pending their actions and their variety of problems. One day you can see them fighting to death and the next day to be inseparable friends.

People followed them because they found things that they did and above all incredible. It was common to listen on office talks or simply neighborhood comments about the issuance of the previous day of this type of programs.

Within the impact of the media, you can see them in different magazines (even the most important), listen to them in interviews on radio programs, see them on television (reaching their own program) and on the Internet.

They were not accepted in all media. Some performed critical constants towards these characters and their role in the media, arguing that it was not a cultural and empty content contribution. uses cookies to offer the best user experience. If you continue to navigate you accept your use. More information

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Other times they are little-known actors or actresses who, in exchange for a note, tell what happens to their famous colleagues. Finally, there are paparazzi (a term derived from a famous Roman photographer with the surname Paparazzo who specialized in surprising famous people) who patrol nightly clubs with camera in hand, in all cities.

Gossip is the weapon and celebrities are the preferred target of the latest TV boom. It’s about questioning the moral qualities of someone you know and replacing the case with fresh rumors when the rules of the scoop dictate.

At the beginning of the journalism of TV shows, nobody could assume the physiognomy that these would adopt in these times. Cycles such as “Cita con les estrellas” (1957) led by Blackie or “Giant Screen” (from the same year) under the command of Jaime Jacobson had the premise of postulating criticism, succulent reports and journalistic notes that would give an account of the news of the actor. But “Sábados Cirulares” arrived and TV underwent an extraordinary and essential change. What only seemed like a summer hobby ended up becoming a thirteen-year iconic symbol of the medium. For the first time, we Argentines learned of surprise cameras, sentimentality, satellite programs and the broadcast of weddings between stars since Mancera broadcast Palito Ortega’s wedding with Evangelina Salazar and, with all this, a feast of television resources was inaugurated, of which today the current chimneys eat and live.

In 1971 the first seed of this field sprouted. It was with Radiolandia on TV, a show news program that was broadcast on Channel 11 and hosted by nothing more and nothing less than the self-determined pioneer Lucho Avilés. With this cycle, for the first time gossip and news of the heart were meat of the national screen since before Radiolandia the journalism of spectacles with these dyes was restricted only to the graphic media. Avilés was accompanied by another precursor of the genre (whom we interviewed personally) Mrs. Susana Fontana, the Mateyco doll, Pedro Marban, Leo Vanés and Jorge Jacobson.

And so, in the afternoon, gossip TV reaches its peak, with programs such as Indiscreciones, Rumors, Telepasillo, Zap (with the effusive Marcelo Polino), Contalo Contalo and of course we arrive over the years to Intruders that has been already six years on screen. Its premise is “to be there” when the second-tier actresses reveal themselves beaten or the vedettes sharpen their claws to attack a colleague, “the war of …

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The contracting of the Services through the Website necessarily implies the acceptance by the user of these purchase conditions by marking the box enabled for this purpose and the acquisition of a ticket for the corresponding service.

In this sense, subject to seat availability, the User is offered the possibility of leaving the date of the return ticket open, in accordance with the conditions set out in these conditions. Not all buses, owned or operated by partner companies, have the same capabilities and equipment.

The final price of the service also includes the applicable taxes and the complementary services contracted if such option exists. Subject to availability, portal users have the possibility to choose the place in which they wish to make their trip, regardless of how far in advance the purchase is made. The purchase of tickets through the web is associated with an increase in the amount of the same through a management fee. A, registered in the Madrid Mercantile Registry, Volume In this regard, the User must take into consideration the following aspects :.

Through the Portal, the User can contract transport services for medium and long-distance travelers with the companies that make up the Avanza Group.

It is not, then, the way of speaking of an Englishman meeting primitive men who personified evil in superior but nonexistent beings. That to create infinite power is required, the following example can be seen in English meeting men. The objective of Monographs. I am looking for a woman to pass this quarantine. And she disappeared. Similarly, when we are inflicted with medicinal penalties to correct us 2 Sam. Man looking for Fat man. Gaume, Treaty of the Holy Spirit, Spanish translation by D. Designers for you. Les Petits Bollandistes, op. Those present then heard an angelic choir sing with joy. My account. Christian piety has long considered that where the Most Holy Eucharist is reserved, there are Angels constantly adoring Jesus Christ in the Sacrament. On the other hand, God, when creating, not only calls things into existence and immediately abandons them to his own fate. Image Courtesy Bing Maps.

Designed in life by Walt Disney himself, Disneyland Park opened in Like its counterparts in Orlando or Paris, this park reproduces the animated world of Disney between rides and roller coasters. How about renting a car at a very low cost? A very good option to visit this place and the rest of the city is to rent a car at a very low price here.

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The devil’s greatest mischief is: make us believe that he does not exist.

Demons seek our evil: d Out of hatred for God whose image they see in us. Since then, having the possibility of influencing human thoughts and feelings, the devil and his demons have tried to plunge humanity deeper and deeper into sin, where they are: “Whoever sins belongs to the Devil, since he He was the first to sin… Everyone who sins is a slave of sin “1 John, John The presence of evil spirits among men constitutes a constant danger for us. That is why Ap. Peter reminds us: “Be attentive and vigilant because our enemy, the devil, is like a roaring lion, seeking someone to swallow” 1 Pet.

Ap. Paul tells us such a call to attention: “My brothers, be comforted in the Lord, and in the power of his strength. For we do not fight against blood and flesh, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness. of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly regions “Eph. From these words of Scripture we see that human life is an intense and constant struggle to defend his soul.

In fact, the war in Heaven ended with the total defeat of evil. But the battle moved from Heaven to our world and to the hearts of men. Good Angels actively help us in this battle against evil.

Such a creation appears clearly in the Symbols of Faith, especially in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Symbol: I believe in only one God, Almighty Father, Creator of heaven and earth, of all things, that is, entities or beings “visible and invisible. “. We know that man enjoys, within creation, a unique position: thanks to his body he belongs to the visible world, while, through the spiritual soul, which enlivens the body, he is almost at the border between the visible and the visible creation. invisible.

They constitute a specific world. Today, as in past times, these spiritual beings are discussed with greater or lesser wisdom. Acts 23, 8. It is also denied by materialists and rationalists of all times. The Creed of the Church, deep down, is an echo of what Paul writes to the Colossians: “Because in Christ all things of heaven and earth were created, the visible and the invisible, the thrones, the dominations, principalities, powers, everything was created by Him and for Him “Col 1, In Revelation, God speaks first” to men.

Vatican II n. Dei Verbum 2. It is affirmed in an exemplary concise way by Vatican I, which we have already quoted many times: “God preserves everything created and directs it with his Providence, extending from one border to the other with strength and governing all things with goodness. things.

In Sacred Scripture we find precious indications that concern them. There is the revelation of a mysterious but real drama that affected these angelic creatures, with nothing escaping the eternal Wisdom, which with fortiter force and at the same time with gentle goodness brings everything to fulfillment in the Father’s kingdom, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Let us first of all recognize that Providence, as the loving Wisdom of God, has manifested itself precisely by creating purely spiritual beings, by which the likeness of God is best expressed in them, which far exceeds everything that has been created in the visible world. together with man, he too, indelible image of God.

Believes of Islam. Khalila and Dimna. Islam in Spain. Primitive religions have their origins in the search of God by th Las virtudes. From the grace of the Holy Spirit to the virtues. All documents available on this site express the views of their respective authors and not of Monographs.

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The eventual use that is made of this information is under the responsibility of each reader. Likewise, the citation of the author of the content and of Monographs is mandatory. Terms and Conditions Advertise in Monographs.

Events, bars, courses and bicycles to meet people and pass the memory of the cell phone of more or less tempting profiles, photos and mini.